“It is dangerous and illegal to walk on the highway.”
—Quote from the Michigan driver’s ed manual 
I grew up in Detroit, Motor City, and so my delight in carless transportation has always seemed a bit perverse. But anybody who is a writer knows the feeling. What we do might not be dangerous or illegal, but it can sometimes look a little crazy from the outside.

Modern Love

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My essay, A Single Mom Escapes the Friend Zone, One Non-Date at a Time, appeared in the Modern Love column of the New York Times on Sunday, August 21st. Follow the link here.

Some people have asked me for advice on writing a Modern Love essay. My best tip is to listen to Ann Hood’s podcast, How to Write a Kick-Ass Essay, and do what she says. She should know; she’s published more Modern Love essays (three) than anyone else. Follow the link here.

My other advice is common sense: Read the Modern Love guidelines. Follow the link here.

This part of the guidelines, in particular, helped me focus my piece: “Ideally, essays should spring from some central dilemma the writer has faced in his or her life.”

I’ve enjoyed all the letters from readers, sharing their stories, their enthusiasm, their recipes (and asking for my own). More than one person wanted to know how to make “chicken with crumbs,” so I’ll tell you a secret: It’s just chicken cutlets dipped in egg bread crumbs and baked in the oven. Enjoy . . .

One Response to “Modern Love”

  1. Noemi says:

    I so enjoyed this essay. As a former single mom, I can totally relate. So happy you found “the one.”

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